Safety Tips

How safe is it to meet people online that you may eventually meet face to face? It may sound a little scary at first, but millions of people have found dates online and many others find activity partners through online personal ads. What we do is provide a comfortable way for you to find people with common interests and get to know those people better before you meet in person. At whichever point you are comfortable, you can then proceed to make plans in the real world. For some people that may take exchanging one message on the site, others may feel new friends out on the phone and email for months before meeting. Its up to you to make sure you are at ease with the level and type of interaction and information sharing with your new friends.

We DO NOT want you to put your personal safety or security at risk. Use your common sense. If something seems sketchy, it probably is. We offer the following dos and don’ts for your consideration:

DO exercise caution when getting to know people online and off-line.

DON’T share your full name, personal phone numbers, email, address, or any other identifying information while messaging others within the site until you are comfortable doing so. Even if someone else provides his or her personal contact information, you are not obligated to use it or offer yours.

DON’T post personal contact information in your profile – by doing so you risk having this information fall into the wrong hands.

DO be truthful in your description of yourself in your profile. Misleading descriptions and dishonesty will not result in a great friendship. Be respectful of other members and treat them as you would like to be treated.

DO trust your instincts. Immediately quit corresponding if you feel unsure or threatened.

DO flag inappropriate use. We strongly encourage you to report any member who behaves in an inappropriate manner. We will take these reports seriously and use suitable measures to keep a safe and enjoyable way to make new friends. You can flag inappropriate content from any profile page or contact us directly at
Examples of inappropriate behavior include:
• Minors using the service
• Members sending harassing or offensive messages
• Profiles with offensive content
• Members behaving inappropriately after meeting in person
• Other "shady" characters using the service
• Fraudulent registration or profiles
• Spam or solicitation
• Copyright infringement
• Members asking you for money or donations
• Any other violation of the Terms of Use

DO get as many details as possible about the other person before meeting off-line. We encourage you to do your own research, ask questions, and use common sense. We do not perform background checks on our members.

DO guard your financial information and beware of solicitation. Our Terms of Use strictly prohibits the use of this service for the purpose of solicitation.

DO have your first face-to-face meeting in public at a decent hour. If at any point you feel uncomfortable or that your personal safety is at risk, make up an excuse to leave. Don’t meet in a private home or in a remote location until you feel comfortable and secure doing so.

DO tell at least one friend where you are going and when you expect to return for your first meeting and subsequent meetings until your gut tells you that you are safe. Contact that person before and after or ask him/her to contact you at a predetermined time. If you are followed to where you parked your car, stop and hail a taxi or go into another public place to use the telephone. Come back later with someone else to get your car.

DO limit your alcohol intake when meeting someone for the first time. Drinking excessively could impair your ability to make good decisions and may put you at risk.

DON'T leave home without your mobile phone fully charged.

DON'T ask the other person to pick you up at your home or office until you are comfortable with your new friend knowing where you live or work. Same goes for inviting someone over to your place.

DON'T leave personal belongings (purses, wallets) or drinks unattended. This puts your personal information at risk of being stolen and your drink at risk of being tampered with.