About Us

Not4Dating is a totally new way to expand your social network. We’re here to help you meet platonic friends online and then connect in real life.

The company was formed by two sisters that live on opposite sides of the US, both in a similar predicament for different reasons:

Aimee had moved a lot – 5 different states over a ten year period, starting over each time trying to make new friends in a new city and every time leaving behind great friends. Coming to Brooklyn was the hardest yet – 8 million people around and yet no way to create a connection with someone that could turn into a great friend. There were plenty of circumstantial friends or acquaintances that somehow never crossed the threshold to friendship. It was easy to make coworker friends and glom on to her boyfriend's friends, but we all know that’s just not the same.

Nicole had lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for 10 years, and discovered that its the kind of place where people come to live for only a few years. She slowly watched great friends disappear for new jobs, to start a family, attend business school, travel the world, etc....Obviously friendships can continue over the phone so the friend is not lost, but a rock climbing partner or a hiking buddy is. It is hard to laugh over a dinner and bottle of wine by yourself, and not nearly as much fun as having a great friend to share it with. As more and more of her friends became the long-distance type, she and Aimee went on a mission to figure out how other people make new friends.

Aimee and Nicole first attempted meetups and activity clubs and found them too intimidating and not personal enough to develop real friendships. Turning to an internet solution, they found that online social networking sites only help you to reconnect with old friends, family, classmates, and colleagues that you already know. Or, people use them to connect with people they don’t know and never plan to meet relishing the anonymity of the internet. Thus formed the idea behind this site – what if there was a website for making friends that functioned like an online dating site? What if there was a site where people in the same geographic area were matched up based on common interests with the ultimate goal of meeting up outside of cyberspace to do the things they like to do and develop a friendship? It seemed obvious to call it Not4Dating.

We created this website is for all you fabulous people that are looking for drinking buddies, hiking partners, dining companions, a friend to go see a movie with, someone to play basketball with, or a great new best friend (the kind of person who you can have fun in a wet paper bag with).

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